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Acceptable condition of mattresses/ box springs for recycling?
We expect the mattress/ box spring to be used, however, we cannot accept items for recycling if
they have bed bugs, blood, or are wet/mildewed.
Do you actually recycle?
Yes. We are the only true mattress recycler in Utah. We deconstruct mattresses and box
springs for recycling and are able to divert 90%-95% of all the materials (foam, metal, cotton,
plastic, cardboard, and wood) from the landfill. These materials are made into other products
such as carpet pad, rebar (used in Utah road construction), home insulation, new plastic product
and cardboard, and wood chips.
Why not just take it to the landfill?

We’re glad you asked. Mattresses are items that can be recycled so we have decided to do just
that. It is good for our environment. Spring Back Utah is able to create valuable jobs in the Salt
Lake Valley because you have made the decision to recycle with us. Our staff is having their
hope and dignity restored through meaningful employment. You won’t have to wait in the lines and we smell a whole lot better!

Do I have to be home when my mattress is picked up?

No. Unless you have selected the assisted in-home removal service. We ask that you place the mattress/ box
spring outside visible from the street by 8am on the scheduled pickup day. Outside your front
door or leaning against the garage is fine. This way you can go about your day. You have
more important things to do.

What if I am unable to get the mattress out of my house or am unable to leave it outside?
Please select the full service option when booking your pickup. We will remove the mattress/
box spring from your house between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm on the scheduled pickup day.
Someone will need to be home during these hours. Please note that most apartment
complexes are fine if you leave a mattress out as long as they know it is being picked up for
recycling by noon that day. This can save you $30.
Can I just drop off my mattress?
Yes, please click on our local drop off tab.
Do you recycle couches or futons?
Do you recycle electric beds or headboards?

No. We can recycle the collapsible metal bed frames for the regular recycling fee of $20.

How do I cancel my pickup?

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled pickup date.

If you wish to cancel your order, please email info@springbackutah.com with your order number and pickup date.

We will be happy to process your full refund. Please do not call our main number.

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